Having a toddler AND newborn smooth so far…

June 1, 2013

Fisher is officially over a month old now, and I’m almost totally recovered.

I feel normal, but I can’t be too active until it’s been six weeks. (Let’s be honest, I wasn’t that active beforehand.)

Adjusting to having a toddler and a newborn has been pretty smooth so far. But then again, my mom is still keeping Finley during the weekdays while Hooper goes to work (bless her!) so I’m not getting the FULL experience, I suppose.

Finley is able to help with little things like getting Fisher’s pacifier or blanket, and as little as that sounds, it really helps. Fisher is a really good and content baby. He’s peed on the doctor, my husband, my mom and me several times. And it’s almost a given that if you change his diaper, he’ll immediately poop, and if you change his clothes, he’ll immediately spit up on the new clothes. But he’ll do it all with a sweet little look on his face.

Being home with just the baby has been nice. He sleeps about 22 hours a day, so you’d think I’d be getting a lot of stuff done. But even when I’m so tired and should be taking a nap, and the laundry is piled up to the ceiling, I find myself catching up on trashy TV.

I’m so torn between what I should be doing. I know I need to be catching up on sleep, but I also know the laundry won’t do itself. But then again, I never get to watch the trashy TV shows when Hooper and Finley are home.

So mostly I watch my shows and think about how I should be sleeping or doing laundry. Finley and my husband get home around 3:45, and then we have nice family time. We’ve been trying to get in the routine of going on family walks in the afternoon/evening. I’m in that weird in-between phase where maternity clothes are too big (and also, noticeably MATERNITY clothes) and my pre-pregnancy clothes are too small. So I’ve been hanging out in lots of yoga pants (and doing NO yoga whatsoever) and tank tops and hoodies. It looks like I’m ready to work out, but really I’m just ready to catch up on TV.

Four and a half weeks in and I’d say that things are going pretty smooth. I’ve decided that baby pee on your too-tight-hoodie and spit-up in your needing-to-be-highlighted-hair are the new IT accessories for Summer 2013.

At least in this household they are.

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