December 8, 2012

Why is everybody complaining?

It’s crazy, epidemic from the sound of things! Gripping and whining, blaming and criticizing about someone or something, constantly.

It’s to the point I hesitate to turn on the TV news for fear I’ll hear more accusing and fault finding. If it isn’t an individual, it’s a group pointing fingers and scolding. Even members of the Peace Corps were recently complaining. I thought they were a peaceful group!

As a young girl I remember complaining because I had to wash dishes when my sister broke her wrist. It was a take turns agreement, but with her cast on for weeks I got stuck doing the dishes every day.

No, we didn’t have a dishwasher. Today my granddaughters complain or argue if they have to help load or unload a dishwasher! And they whine if they can’t get a newer, more state-of-the-art smart phone. What happened?

America prospered. People went off to college, got better-paying jobs, became spoiled, wanted more, and expected more. Now they grumble about not having this or that, bemoan their city or state isn’t doing enough to make their life easier, they aren’t being provided with more; or they are fuming because of road construction.


This constant condemnation is to the point if I were God I’d reach down and smack them! Come to think of it, he probably has. Anyone ever find out what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? God probably smacked him straight into hell. I remember he was always on TV and in the newspaper, complaining and threatening, being a mean, ugly character intimidating everyone within hearing range.

Yet, no matter where I go or to what type of event, I hear complaints. Grumbling about lack of parking, the weather, high prices for water and electricity, standing in line, young people texting, eating and driving at the same time; all complaints that do no good.

Gas prices, well that’s sort of justified. Food prices, that’s expected too. Increasing prices for prescription drugs, movie tickets and checked bags at the airport are driving people batty!

My grandmother spoke of the difficult times during the great war that tested everyone with gasoline and food rationing; maybe we should be grateful we don’t have that to deal with, although, the way things are going, it’s possible it could happen again.

Students complain they have too much homework, teachers grumble parents aren’t helping enough, and the principal bemoans his pittance of a salary.


I hear people complaining about their job, traffic, internet service and the plumber. While at the movies over the weekend I was stunned to hear a woman complaining to the concession cashier her popcorn had un-popped kernels in it.

My cousin complains about any and everything! I think her husband passed away from being nagged to death; she even complained to the funeral home about his casket not being the shade of gray she remembered ordering!

Consider this; no matter how much we try, there will always be leaves stuck in the downspouts, we will at some time or another get a wicked cold the day before our vacation begins, and be left with cleaning up the mess from spilled milk.

It’s possible we could be quite moved by some very fine things; if we would just turn around and look.

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