Coach inspired me

January 25, 2014

I read the story about Coach (Jim Coleman) in the paper today. I played for Coach from the time I was in the 5th grade thru high school and was on that 11-2 team.

He was one of the best men outside of my day I have ever known. If he told us to do something it was done without question. This was not of fear of him but out of fear of letting him down.

If he’d have told me to go to Granbury and climb on top of the courthouse and jump I’d have done it!

The best story I remember on Coach was in my 8th grade year. I’d grown a lot and couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. I was really getting down about everyone teasing me about it, and Coach knew it.

He came to me one day in practice and told me, “Tankersley, don’t let these other guys get to you. You cover more of the field when you trip and fall than they can running full blast with both feet and every now and then you make a hell of a tackle.”

It inspired me to keep on and try harder.

I ended up being three time all district, all state and going to the all star game.

Most others would have given up on me and let me fail. Not Coach.

He encouraged me and taught me to keep on working to become more than I or any one else thought I could be and I carry that with me to this day and I’m 56 years old.

Charles Tankersley


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