Clicking your heels together won’t fix this

December 22, 2012

It’s impossible to comprehend the school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

The shock deeply hurt us all. We cried and wondered how this world got so sick and wicked.

I don’t believe there can be a simple answer to the question of what caused the shooting – or how to prevent such tragedies. I don’t have the answers, but I think most of us agree that security improvements can be made.

Some people want it to be one easily identifiable answer for both the cause of the insane shooting and how to make these horrors less likely to happen again.

Under the law, unless a criminal suspect is legally insane, he’s still responsible for crimes committed. Texas law states that the “actor” will not be deemed legally insane unless “as a result of severe mental disease or defect, (he) did not know that his conduct was wrong.”

In other words, cagey is not crazy. The Newtown school shooter wore protective garb and picked a soft (easy) target, and intentionally inflicted unspeakable violence on the most vulnerable among us.

Gun firepower and availability must be addressed. In my opinion, products such as armor-piercing bullets should never be available for use outside of law enforcement. Even though the Newtown incident didn’t involve special high-powered ammunition, the children were killed just the same.

From news accounts, apparently the murderer had access to the firearms his mother had purchased legally. She was his first victim.


Even if every school had an armed guard for each student, crazed killers would simply find other targets.

The topic of mental illness has been discussed, but it’s unpredictable and rarely leads to this type of violence. Child abuse, alcohol and some other drugs can also contribute to violent episodes. I believe that disturbing, violent movies and other potentially harmful images can desensitize children during their development.

However, countless numbers of children are exposed to the same questionable movies and video games, yet never act out evil, violent impulses.

Many people diagnosed with mental problems refuse to take prescribed medication that hopefully keeps them from running off the rails. Even if they receive psychotherapy and are treated in a mental facility, most eventually return home. The incentive to stay medicated is often lost without supervision, especially if they are experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Some wondered why those who knew the Newton killer didn’t do something in advance. What, exactly, were they supposed to do? Should they have called the police to report a quiet loner with a weird, far-away look on his face? Do they want authorities to drive around in buses and haul off everyone who looks strange or has a problem interacting with others? Really? Be careful what you ask for there. You might be the next one they pick up.

Some say semi-automatic rifles should be banned. One law enforcement friend of mine suggested that those who think they need a semi-automatic rifle for ordinary hunting actually need something else – more target practice.


But even banning those rifles won’t fix the problem. A nut wearing a trenchcoat can hide multiple pistols (each holding multiple rounds), and go on a rampage.

So the logical progression by the ultra-left from that point would be to ban all guns. But there are more than enough unregistered and illegal firearms available for those who have the money and know where to find them.

So what would be the next step beyond banning all guns? Do we want the feds go door to door and confiscate every firearm? They still won’t find them all. They can’t locate every warehouse, every crate and every underground storage facility containing firearms. Plus, illegal weapons will still flow into the country, like illegal drugs.

No matter how many times you click your heels together and wish really hard, it won’t change the fact that criminals ignore gun laws. Always have, always will.

Those who still honor and believe in the Constitution insist that banning guns from law-abiding citizens will not solve this problem.

It’s more obvious now than ever before that being able to legally own firearms for protection is both essential and Constitutional.

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