Chelsea Hooper: Zsa Zsa’s ready for camping trip … I think!

October 13, 2012

Zsa Zsa’s ready for camping trip … I think!

My husband signed us up for a church camping trip next weekend. He’s never been camping with me, but seeing as how sometimes he calls me “Zsa Zsa,” I’m assuming he may know how this might all play out.

I used to camp as a little girl with my family, but my mom always made sure that I was as comfortable as humanly possible.

As an adult, I’ve been camping a few times, and my mom, although not there with me, has sent her Suburban with a bed in the back with me to make sure that I was still as comfortable as humanly possible.

I don’t recall the last time I slept in a tent.

The difference in my mom and my husband is … well a lot of things. But my husband is a manly man who wants to show that we can brave a tent, and that we are the real deal campers.

He’s the type that would probably bring canned beans for us to live off of for the duration of the trip if I weren’t such a “Zsa Zsa.”

Some of the people attending the camping trip are renting a camper. I’ve begged him to let us rent one, but he says absolutely not.

He did spend a pretty penny on a brand new air mattress for us, though. And by pretty penny, I mean he cashed in his Cabela’s gift card that he’s had for several months.

I’m beginning to wonder if it would be smart for me to take my own car so that I can actually come back home to sleep, and then show back up early in the morning.

But then I wouldn’t be a real deal camper wife, and he’d probably be embarrassed.

I asked him how we’re going to take showers – if maybe they have showers at the campgrounds. He doesn’t really seem too concerned about that. In fact, he laughed at me when I asked and never answered.

Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this whole thing, and everything will be comfortable and fine.

And hey, if it isn’t, I know that my mom would be more than happy to come and pick me up.

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