Chelsea Hooper: My weight gain update

November 10, 2012

My weight gain update

I suppose it’s about time for another weight loss update.

If you haven’t been following my column, I’ve been on a weight loss journey pretty much my entire adulthood, but more so since I had my daughter in January 2011. But I really got serious and started cracking the whip in March of this year. I lost 30 pounds. And then … I gained 7 … and will continue to gain … and gain … and gain … until May 2013.

I’ve started another journey, and left the weight loss journey behind. I’m having another baby, and he or she is due in May.

It’s been hard to keep the secret from you all, but now I can finally shout it out. I just crossed over into the second trimester, and I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been feeling well at all. I’ve been extremely tired, nauseated, I’ve had a horrible taste in my mouth, and my taste in food has really put a damper in my everyday life.

This pregnancy is very different from my pregnancy with Finley. When I was pregnant with Finley, my only complaint was indigestion, and I thought I wanted to be pregnant forever.

With this one, I haven’t had indigestion at all, but I’ve had everything else, and I definitely don’t want to be pregnant forever. At least not as of now. I have high hopes since I just got the second trimester, and they say that the second is the best. Fingers crossed.

I’ll go ahead and answer all of the questions that most people ask me.

Not planned. (But welcomed with smiles!)

I feel like it’s a boy this time. Either will make us happy. We just pray for healthy!

May 7 to be exact.

That makes me 14 1/2 weeks.

Feeling lousy.

Yes, I’ll continue to work at the vet clinic.

Yes, I’ll continue to write for Hood County News as long as they’ll have me.

Yes, I’ll continue to do photography.

Yes, I’ll be so tired.

I’m not sure what the animals will think. I feel sorry for them, but at least they still aren’t outnumbered.

Yes, we have a name that will go for either a boy or a girl. (I’ll tell you in another column.)

My mom will keep him/her with the other grands. Bless her.

No, Finley doesn’t understand yet. She thinks the baby is in my belly button and she calls it “butt baby” because that’s what she calls a belly button.

I look forward to keeping you all updated over the next 6 months. I’ve enjoyed sharing all of the big moments in my life with you all, and I’m very excited to finally get to share this with you. As for the weight loss, I’ll hopefully pick that up again in May.

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