Chelsea Hooper: Boy, girl, boy, girl?

December 15, 2012

Boy, girl, boy, girl?

Well the day of my big 18- week sonogram was last week. In case any of you aren’t familiar with what this “big” sonogram consists of, it is when they check to make sure that the baby’s measurements are on target and that the heart and organs are all looking and doing as they should. It is also when they reveal to you whether your little baby is a he or a she.

I had been looking very forward to Dec. 6 because I had plans of having a big gender reveal party with our friends and family. But about a month ago I had a major change of plans. I was inspired by a friend of ours who just had a baby and didn’t know what it was until she was born. We were all on the edges of our seats waiting to hear whether it was a boy or a girl, and when she told us it was a girl, I almost cried.


I mean, I know I’m emotional right now, but what a great surprise. It’s so strange that I feel this way, because one of my best friend’s, Kayla, had her baby boy a little over a year ago, and when she told us she wasn’t finding out I was so mad. (You may remember the column about us stalking her house and wearing pantyhose on our heads as she was in labor.)

I have told people so many times that I could NEVER do that. With Finley I absolutely could not imagine not knowing that she was a girl. I had so much to plan, and I needed to understand WHAT exactly I was bonding with. Now that this is my second baby, I don’t really have much to plan, and I know that I don’t necessarily have to know WHAT I’m bonding with, as long as it is my baby.

And last time I checked, this is definitely my baby. I’m really happy that my husband is on board with this whole surprise thing also. We have a name that will be the baby’s name no matter what he/she is. The name is Fisher. (Don’t go stealing it, now!)

I think that if we didn’t have a name that we wanted for either a boy or a girl then we might have had a harder time not finding out. After our sonogram, I asked the ultrasound technician if she saw what it is and she said yes. That made me really curious!

I go back and forth on whether I think it’s a boy or a girl. But I guess we all won’t know until he or she makes his/her grand appearance! [email protected]

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