Buck left gaping hole in my heart

September 7, 2013

Buck was 91 in dog years.

He had bad hip joints and a mass in his abdomen and was in constant pain. I was the only daddy he ever knew and trusted completely and on Aug. 22, 2013, the one he trusted so much had him put down. As my wife says, it seems like he left two voids in our life instead of just one.

In 2001, while still a puppy, Buck adopted our family at the Acton Friends for Animals shelter. As he grew he became our family’s guardian angel with a fur coat.

Buck was 50 percent border collie, 50 percent “other” and 110 percent great dog.

Buck never let a stranger approach our home unless we told him it was all right. He was the leader of a pack of six dogs at our place, and he taught them all how to be good guard dogs and protect the home front.

He always met me at the front door with loud barking.

Border collies’ characters are usually job oriented with a little bit of predatory tendency to enforce their will on other weaker animals such as sheep. We learned early if we didn’t find something to keep him busy then he would find it on his own. After several lost shoes, TV remote controls, and a hearing aid, we got him interested in Frisbee catching.

An anonymous dog lover once said:

“When you lose a dog, he takes a part of your heart with him.

When you adopt a dog, it gives you a piece of its heart.

If you live long enough, your heart will become entirely dog,

And you will be as generous and loving as they are.”

Right now a gaping hole exists in my heart cause he sure took a chunk with him.

Grady Smith


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