Bert, Elmo, Cookie Monster: How great is Sesame Street!

March 9, 2013

Being born in the ’80s, I got to grow up watching certain television shows.

Most of the things that we watched back then aren’t on anymore. And most of the shows that are on for kids today, have been created within the past 10 years it seems. However, there is one show that is a constant in the changing decades, and that show is Sesame Street.

For Finley’s birthday, my sister-in-law got her and my niece, Bennett, and Finley and me tickets to go see Sesame Street Live at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie. Finley and Bennett are 6 weeks apart in age, and they both just recently turned 2.

I had looked forward to this event since Finley’s birthday in January. I looked forward to it for several reasons. One being that we were going to have a nice Mommies and Babies day together. Two being that neither of the babies have ever been to any kind of event like this. And three being that it was Sesame Street, for crying out loud! Who wouldn’t look forward to seeing Sesame Street Live?!

We got there an hour early because we knew that some of the characters were going to be having some play time in the lobby. Bennett was SO PUMPED when she saw Bert and Ernie and Cookie Monster! As for Finley, she clung onto me for dear life and screamed and cried. I knew that this immediately set the tone for the rest of the day, and that if she was reacting like this in the lit-up lobby, then she’d definitely not be okay with sitting in a dark theater with the same characters on stage.


Before long, it was show time. Anna (my sister-in-law) led us to our seats, and to our pleasant surprise, we were in the third row. Ordinarily, this would be awesome news. But since Finley had been acting the way she had been, I was dreading the moment when the characters came on stage.

When the first character stepped out on stage, I watched Finley’s face hesitantly, fully expecting tears and for her to jump into my lap. Instead, what I saw was a look of pure wonder and amazement. I looked over at Bennett and saw the same look. I watched their faces as more characters came on stage, and as they sang the first song. Their little opened mouths smiled as Elmo made his appearance, and they clapped when the first scene was over. I was completely shocked. Not to mention I had a lump in my throat.

The more the show went on, the more they interacted from their seats. It was so moving to watch such innocent little children see some of their very favorite characters from TV live in front of them on stage.

When it was time to leave, Bennett cried and cried and blew kisses to the characters. Over the next several days, both babies talked about it to anybody they’d see. I know that both of them had a great time. And, it was Sesame Street, for crying out loud!

The little side ponytail ’80s child in me was just as excited as they were.

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