Adjusting to the new norm

August 3, 2013

Last week I returned to work for the first time since having Fisher. Twelve weeks off is a long time, but then again it went by in a flash.

The night before I went back it really felt like the day before the first day of school. I was really excited to see my friends, but sad to leave what I had gotten so accustomed to. I was nervous that I might have forgotten a lot over three months.

One thing I’m pretty good at is knowing who clients are before they ever enter the building, and I started psyching myself out that I wasn’t going to remember anyone’s names anymore.

I had put off trying on my new scrubs for a long time because I didn’t want to be depressed if they didn’t fit. So the night before I went back I said a little prayer and put them on to see. Thank goodness they fit because I’m not sure there would have been a Plan B.

I woke up in the morning to my alarm beaming louder than I can remember it ever being three months prior. I got myself all ready and then woke Fisher up to feed him and tell him goodbye. As I arrived at work, I had a little pep in my step and felt pretty confident. The feeling disappeared as I realized I forgot my code to enter the premises. Luckily someone else walked up right behind me and let us both in. I started to clock in and couldn’t remember my code. The room spun for a minute as I felt so distant from a place that is so familiar to me. I finally remembered it just as a new face walked up.

As I walked up to where I normally sit, I passed a couple of more new faces. I sat down in my chair, and the minute I did everything came right back to me. It felt like I belonged again.

As clients came and went, I remembered their names, and I gave myself mental high fives every time I did so. Much like returning to school after summer break, after two weeks into it, the new routine becomes the new norm. And I’d say I’m adjusting pretty well to my new norm.

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