Abbey Creation: It’s quite a sensation

March 16, 2013


Brawner fifth-grader Abbey Griffin is only 10, but she’s already a savvy business woman and also a philanthropist.

The creative little girl makes purses, wallets, backpacks, hair bows, tool bags and other items out of brightly colored duct tape and then sells them for charity. She’s giving half the proceeds to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

She was going to give it all to Cook’s, but her parents told her that she needs to at least keep enough to purchase the materials. Seems she runs up quite a bill.

Abbey lives in Cresson with her dad, Chad Griffin. Both he and Abbey’s mom, Rebecca Gilbert, support their daughter’s efforts to raise money for a good cause. Abbey’s friend, Braiana Martinez, also helps out. In fact, Abbey said, it was actually Braiana’s idea to give money to the children’s hospital.

“She makes the wallets, and she helps me with the patterns for, like, the backpacks and purses,” Abbey said.

Chad Griffin, who fishes professionally, said he took the year off to spend more time with his daughter, who seems to be growing up at lightning speed.

Asked what else she likes to do besides make things with duct tape, Abbey said she likes to write down who ordered what and what items have sold.

Two words, Abbey: Down Time.

The little girl apparently is a workaholic before even hitting puberty.

Her Facebook page is all about the products of “Abbey Creation.” It even features a price list:

~ Wallets $3

~ Bows $1

~ Handbags $5

~ Purse $12

~ Backpacks $10

~ Tool bag $7

~ Bracelets $2

Abbey is shrewd not only when it comes to competitive pricing, but also with advertising and promotion.

“If you buy a duck (sic) tape purse, you will get a free wallet w/ it,” tempts one of her Facebook postings. Another says: “Whoever shares or likes my photos the most will win a free backpack or purse.”

Oh, and Lindsay White, your purse is ready. “The total is $12.”

And one more thing:

“There are 2 pockets and everything.”

Make that two more things:

“And I used glow in the dark duck (sic) tape to make your pocket so you can see inside. :)”

Abbey always gives service with a smile, even when it’s in the form of a colon and a parenthesis on Facebook. And she’s always working, even when she’s on the move. She posts updates on the progress of her projects and does deals from her cell phone.

One customer posted this about a purse order: “I think I want the large plz.”

To which Abbey replied via mobile: “Ok that would be done on Friday or Saturday.” Then, one minute later: “Would you want any letters?”

“She’s definitely creative,” Chad says of his artistic, business-savvy daughter. “I don’t know where she gets it from.”

Abbey credits her school, Brawner, for encouraging a spirit of giving to others who are less fortunate. And then there’s also real life experience.

“I’ve been to Cook Children’s before,” she said. “And I just see needy people and stuff.”

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