A time for new beginnings

March 30, 2013

It’s easy to lose track of the meaning of Easter. We may be too harried shopping for the perfect dress, planning the meal for a family gathering or organizing an Easter egg hunt and photos with the Easter bunny for little ones.

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Christ. With the start of spring, the blooming flowers and blue skies bring a sense of new beginnings and a fresh start. A breath of life after the cold deadness of winter.

Instead of us publishing an editorial calling for some sort of action from our elected officials, we decided on an editorial encouraging action from the entire community – ourselves included.

How would our lives – and our community – change if we could find the willpower to:

~ Resurrect good memories instead of bad?

~ Speak positively, even though the situation might be negative?

~ Make a concerted effort to resist the effort to engage in gossip?

~ Say a prayer of thanks on our drive to work instead of thinking of all the things we don’t want to do once we get there?

~ Show forgiveness to someone we don’t think deserves it? Or

~ Accept that the past is dead, but we have the power to resurrect hope for our future?

Easter represents hope and the promise of good things to come.

For children, it’s the promise of brightly colored Easter eggs that are easy to spot in the newly green grass. But adults sometimes have a harder time finding what may be in plain sight.

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