Granbury wins big at Grandview academic meet

February 19, 2014


Granbury High School students won big at an invitational UIL academic meet at Grandview High School on Feb. 8.

The teams scored first-place wins in accounting (team), calculator applications (team and individual), editorial writing, feature writing, Lincoln-Douglas debate, news writing, number sense, ready writing and social studies (team).

The competing students received the following recognitions:

Accounting (Team): Joseph McLean, Lan McLellan, Kayla Schmeets, first.

Accounting (Individual): Joseph McLean, second; Kayla Schmeets, third; Lan McLellan, fifth

Calculator Applications (Team): Austin Akerley, Scott Bannert, Lizbet Briones, first

Calculator Applications (Individual): Scott Bannert, first; Lizbet Briones, third; Austin Akerley, sixth

Current Issues and Events (Team): Zenon Martin, sixth

Current Issues and Events (Individual): Zenon Martin, second

Editorial Writing: Audrey Gandy, first; Samantha Linton, second; Kalyn Carpenter, third; Abby Shupe, fourth

Feature Writing: Samantha Linton, first; Kalyn Carpenter, second; Audrey Gandy, third; Katie Stipp, fifth

Headline Writing: Kalyn Carpenter, second; Samantha Linton, third; Katie Stipp, fifth; Audrey Gandy, sixth

Informative Speaking: Blake Beatty, fifth

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Alexis Woody, first; Jennifer Rodriguez, second; Jocelyne Espinoza, fourth

Literary Criticism: Abby Shupe, fifth; Rebecca Morrison, sixth

Mathematics (Team): Austin Akerley, Lizbet Briones, Brandon Rush, second

News Writing: Kayyn Carpenter, first; Audrey Gandy, second; Katie Stipp, third; Samantha Linton, fourth

Number Sense (11-12 Team): Austin Akerley, Scott Bannert, first

Number Sense (11-12 Individual): Austin Akerley, fifth; Scott Bannert, sixth

Number Sense (9-10 Individual): Madison Miller, fifth

Persuasive Speaking: Hailey Chapman, fourth

Prose Interpretation: Cassandra Trevino, fourth

Ready Writing: Audrey Gandy, first; Samantha Linton, second; Katie Stipp, third; Kayln Carpenter, fourth

Science (Team): Scott Bannert, Brandon Rush, second

Science (Individual): Scott Bannert, fourth; Brandon Rush, sixth

Social Studies (Team): Angel Cline, Kiran Lachman, Orion Snodgrass, Sherree Waters, first

Social Studies (Individual): Sherree Waters, first; Orion Snodgrass, second; Kiran Lachman, fourth; Angel Cline, sixth

Spelling: R.J. Vyce, fifth

In January, the GHS team earned sweepstakes honors at the first invitational meet of the season at North Crowley High School. The District 7-4A contest will be March 24-25 in Arlington.

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