GHS sophs Jackson, McKelvain win ‘battle’

January 30, 2013


The Granbury ISD History Fair Best of Show honors went to sophomores Justin Jackson and Matthew McKelvain for a group exhibit about the Battle of Tours, which was fought in 732 in Northern France.

Many historians regard the battle as a decisive turning point in preserving Christianity in Europe by halting Islamic conquest on the continent.

The theme of this year’s contest is “Turning Points in History.”

Students from the high school and two middle schools created websites and multimedia presentations, staged performances, prepared exhibits and wrote research papers.

GHS sophomores Caitlyn Oxford and Morgan Young received scholarships from the Daughters of the American Revolution – Elizabeth Crockett Chapter and the Sons of the American Revolution – Brazos Valley Chapter respectively for a project on the American fight for independence.

In the category competitions, the winners were:


Group Documentary: Daniel Martinez and Lyndsey Price, first; Nicholas Sandlin and Noah Smith, second; Preston Flurkey and Nic Mitchell, third; and Addison Wynn and Jack Goodman, fourth.

Group Exhibit: Justin Jackson and Matthew McKelvain, first; Bridgette Bean and Madeline Maldonado, second; Kendon Parker and Brandon Rush, third; and Hayden Coppenbarger and Luke Travis, fourth.

Group Performance: Jaden Charbonnet, Chandler Chiappe, Justin Kochis and Rachael Rodgers, first; and Blake Bergeman and Hunter Glenn, second.

Group Website: Brandon Balderas and Christian Luersen, first.

Individual Documentary: Riley Summer, first.

Individual Exhibit: Jocelyne Espinosa, first; Cole Rezsofi, second; Cheynne Redden, third; and Garrett Whitmer, fourth.

Individual Paper: Andres Florez-Shusher, first; Nikolai Press, second; Paul Beckley, third; and Adam Lubbers, fourth.

Individual Website: Michael Schmelz, first; Joshua Schuessler, second; and Robert Norris, third.


Group Documentary: Brynn Deger, Ally Krebbs, Alex Myers, Morgan Molder, first.

Group Exhibit: Robert Faaborg and Payton Freeman, first; Mikkail Bishop, Macey Burch and Naucita Owens, second; Calvin Titus and Will Warner, third; and Tiffany Henney and Paige Klima, fourth.

Group Performance: Lauren Berry, Lejla Gregory, Taylor Sherrell and Reagan Wilkinson, first.

Individual Exhibit: Cooper Ewing Wallace, first; Nicole Futch, second; Cameron Gibson, third; and Sierra Mark, fourth.

Individual Documentary: Bryce Leonard, first.

Individual Paper: Abbey Higginbotham, first; Yari Press, second; Tyler Pippin, third; and Caleb Miller, fourth.

Individual Website: Jackson Martin, first.

All of these students will advance to a regional fair Feb. 23 at the University of Texas at Arlington.

They also have a chance to qualify for the Texas History Day state competition on May 3-4 in Austin.


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