Large sale a boost in Cresson

sales tax chart 1-18-14.pdf

Officials at the comptroller’s office report that a large sale and money collected from an audit brought a large increase in the Cresson sales tax revenue this period. The $65,000 payment is some 253 percent more than last year at this time.

Sales tax revenue in December was $2.25 billion, up 3.9 percent compared to December 2012, according to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.

“Consumer spending in retail trade contributed to the latest gain in state sales tax collections,” Combs said. “Other sectors such as telecommunications also contributed to the monthly growth, and state sales tax revenue has now increased for 45 consecutive months.”

The sales tax figures represent November sales reported by monthly tax filers in December.

Combs will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their January local sales tax allocations totaling $573.5 million, up 8.1 percent compared to January 2013.

The Monthly Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports can be viewed on the Comptroller’s website at