FSC Paintball facility open in Acton


It’s home to the smallest State Park in Texas, to the Acton Nature Center, to a Texas-style micro brewery and now a paintball park. Fall Creek Sports (FCS) Paintball is open in Acton at 6025 Fall Creek Highway, between the gated communities of deCordova and Pecan Plantation.

Jeff Kutas, 20-year resident of Acton, recently founded the park. “I thought it would be fun to offer the community a place where parents could be interactive with their kids,” he said.

Paintball is a game where players compete, individually or in teams, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye inside a gelatin shell – referred to as paintballs. The shells are propelled from a paintball marker, also called a paintball gun.

“I really never played until I had my youngest son’s 11th birthday party here,” said Kutas. “I was overwhelmed at how much fun the kids were having, I truly was not prepared for their level of excitement.”

For more information, call FCS at 817-326-5527. Tours of the facility are available.

OPEN FOR PAINTBALL: Brandon Kutas, 2012 Granbury High School graduate, operates the new FCS (Fall Creek Sports) Paintball facility in Acton. Individual play, birthday parties and team building events are welcome at the 18,000 sq. ft. covered and lighted facility at 6025 Fall Creek Highway.