February Health Inspection Scores

Food service health inspection scores are posted monthly by the city of Granbury.

Inspections occur about twice a year, not all businesses are inspected each month. Each violation has a demerit value, and this is subtracted from 100 to give the inspection score.

Restaurants with a failing score of 59 or below are closed immediately and must be re-inspected before opening.

The inspections are to prevent illness and ensure proper compliance with food safety laws at all establishments in Granbury.

Scoring range/required action

100 – 90

A: Very good (continue with regular inspection schedule)

89 – 80

B: Good (continue with regular inspection schedule)

79 – 70

C: Passing (requires increased inspection frequency)

69 – 60

D: Failing (requires a compliance inspection within 48 hours)

59 and below

Unacceptable (requires immediate closure and re-inspection before reopening)


Tommy’s # 11 94

Acton Donuts 94

Antonio’s 89

1890’s Grille & Lounge 97

Best Western Breakfast Bar 97

Baymont Breakfast Bar 100

Wal-Mart Bakery 97

Wal-Mart Meats & Seafood 97

Wal-Mart Deli 97

Wal-Mart Grocery 97

Wendy’s 91

Grump’s 100

Lake Granbury Medical Center 100

HEB Bakery 97

HEB Grocery 100

HEB Deli 100

HEB Seafood 100

HEB Meats 100

Courtyards at Lake Granbury 93

Lake Stone Terrace 93

Lake Granbury

Montessori Academy 100

First Discoveries Montessori 100

Casserollies 100

Scholtzsky’s 94

Cotton Patch 97

Nutshell Eatery 93

Granbury Lanes 97