December 2012 Health Inspection Scores

Food service health inspection scores are posted monthly by the city of Granbury.

Inspections occur about twice a year, not all businesses are inspected each month. Each violation has a demerit value, and this is subtracted from 100 to give the inspection score.

Restaurants with a failing score of 59 or below are closed immediately and must be re-inspected before opening.

The inspections are to prevent illness and ensure proper compliance with food safety laws at all establishments in Granbury.

Scoring range/required action

100 – 90

A: Very good (continue with regular inspection schedule)

89 – 80

B: Good (continue with regular inspection schedule)

79 – 70

C: Passing (requires increased inspection frequency)

69 – 60

D: Failing (requires a compliance inspection within 48 hours)

59 and below

Unacceptable (requires immediate closure and re-inspection before reopening)


A-1 Donuts 100

C & J Butcher Shop 100

Four Foxes 84

Elvan’s Granbury Chevron 97

Little Ceaser’s 97

Donuts Plus 97

Montana’s 79

Spring Creek 94

Hoffbrau Steaks 91

The Donut Hole 96

The Point @ Waterview 94

Linda’s Southern Kitchen 100

Papa Murphy’s 97

Grand Cakery 100

Pamela & Co 100

Christina’s 97

Monte’s 83

The Cove @ Waterview 100

Garcia’s 86

Domino’s Pizza 94

Yogurt Story 100

Harbor Lakes Nursing 93

Tropical Breeze Nutrition 100