Building Permits

The city of Granbury issued $2,815,734 in building permits during month of May.

There were 10 projects carrying a value in the six digits.

The list was led by a $470,000 permit for the new Dairy Queen being built at 950 Highway 377 E. Turnkey Contractors, LLC is the contractor.

Other permissions granted:

Victory Awning, 401 E. Pearl St., awnings, $98,000.

Granbury Home Improvement, 220 Captain’s Court, new pergola, $3,200.

James Callihan, 1200 Red Bird Lane, accessory building, $7,500.

T-Bar Fence, Inc., 1306 Joshua Way, fence, $1,200.

T-Bar Fence, Inc., 1413 Joshua Way, fence, $800.

Comanche Construction, LLC, 1200 E. Crawford Avenue, tenant finish out, $72,000.

D&P Homes, LLC, 715 W. Doyle St., garage, $25,000.

Couto Homes, Inc., 1205 Huntington Cove Court, new residential, $320,814.

Couto Homes, Inc., 406 River Bank Road, new residential, $205,984.

Mario Saenz, 1103 Calinco Drive, alterations, $300.

The Playground Shade, 630 E. Pearl St., playground shade, $16,799.

Joe R. Jones Construction, 5100 Highway 377 E., construction trailer, $65.

T.D. Murphy Classic Homes, 1600 Monterey Bay Court, new residential, $286,556.

Western Heritage Design, 207 Stockton St., new residential, $210,000.

Ronnie Daggan, 1518 Clover Lane, renovations, $12,000.

Granbury Home Improvement, 224 Captain’s Court, patio cover, $2,470.

Couto Homes, Inc., 3616 Abe’s Landing Dr., new residential, $286,382.

CGI Construction, Inc., 824 Waterpoint Court West, new residential, $240,329.

Kelley Homes, Inc., 1300 Prestwick Court, new residential, $196,270.

Wannco Services, 909 Highway 377 E., demolition, $65.

Steve Crawford Construction, 1427 Shannan Circle, new apartment building, $180,000.

Steve Crawford Construction, 1415 Shannan Circle, new apartment building, $180,000.