April/May Helath Inspection Scores

Food service health inspection scores are posted monthly by the city of Granbury.

Inspections occur about twice a year, not all businesses are inspected each month. Each violation has a demerit value, and this is subtracted from 100 to give the inspection score.

Restaurants with a failing score of 59 or below are closed immediately and must be re-inspected before opening.

The inspections are to prevent illness and ensure proper compliance with food safety laws at all establishments in Granbury.


Granbury Care Center 97

Pam’s 100

Chick-fil-A 93

Braum’s Ice Cream # 108 97

Braum’s Restaurant 97

Frozen Canteen-
FBC Snowcone Stand 100

The Oaks of Granbury 100

Broadway Express 94

LoneStar Shaved Ice 100

McDonald’s Luton Ranch 97

Firehouse Café 86

Cari’s 97

Heflin’s 97

Jack in the Box 94

Arbor House 97

The Dock 91

Taco Bueno 96

Chicken Express 93

Nizza Pizza 94

Sonic Drive In 94

Long John Silvers 97

Monte’s 87

Texan Triangle 94

Polar Ice Express-
B & L Snow Cones 100

Miyako’s 93

Quail Park 97

Mi Familia 90

Granbury Fast Stop 97

Pearl Street Station 97

El Chico 93

The Chilly Duck El Pato 100

Wranglers 97

Wendy’s 89

B & L Paradise 100

Domino’s Pizza 93